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I draw a gaunt chart using ggplot which looks like this enter image description here

Instead of ordering it by the names for the rows I would like to order them by the time of the first data item. I tried ordering the source dataframe without any effect. How can I do this?

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You can find an (very good) answer to you question at this link by @jomuller

Basically, you just have to reorder your data in this way:

data$yaxis <-  factor(x=data$yaxis, levels=yourlevels)

where datais your data.frame, yaxis is the slot where your yaxis levels (Arikaya, Arndt...) are , and yourlevels is your levels ordered in the way you want them to

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I actually knew that levels would be used for the order but I did not think about simply reordering the names. Thanks –  nik Jun 11 at 17:18

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