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I have a requirement that , i have a table of 400 columns.

Here i need to Export this table to Excel sheet.

And i need to upload to Open Office Sheet. I do not have MS-office.

This is in ASP.NET and C#.NET

I am new to this concept.

So please help me to solve this.

And friends there is a problem , i have 400 columns , which is not possible to insert into Open Office Excel , i need to insert other columns into new sheet

Thank You All!!!!

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Have a look at this.

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Nice link. Bookmarked it –  CResults Mar 10 '10 at 10:16

Alternatively you can look at using OleDB to do this

Reading and Writing Excel Spreadsheets Using ADO.NET

I've used this method a number of times and found it to be quick and effective.

3rd Alternative, if it doesn't have to be a true xls/xlsx file and you want lots of control over what the final output looks like, try Microsoft's Spreadsheet XML.

XML Spreadsheet Reference

Again, I've used this method to great effect

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You can read from one source and update to another using DataSet, with 2 distinct tOleDb connections.

Here's some code that does that.


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