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From our existing, internal tracking system I would like to create an XML export that I can then bring into Microsoft Project 2007 to further display and manipulation. I've been unable to find a straightforward explanation of how the XML should look for this kind of import. I want to be able to create dependencies, assign resources, etc. The Excel/CSV imports don't appear to offer all these capabilities so I think XML is the better way...if I could just get a spec for it.

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Someone on Google Groups answered my question. The spec is available here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb428843.aspx

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If you are working in Java or a .Net language, you may find it convenient to use MPXJ to achieve this, rather than writing the XML directly as it provides a more "user friendly" API, insulating you from the detail of the XML schema. It will also allow you to read/write other project data formats if required.


p.s. Disclaimer: I maintain MPXJ, hence my interest!

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