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I have a daemon and am creating a user for it with the the following snippet of a bash script: -

echo "Creating Avecto Group..."
sudo dscl . -create /Groups/_myDaemonUser
sudo dscl . -create /Groups/_myDaemonUser PrimaryGroupID 300
sudo dscl . -create /Groups/_myDaemonUser RecordName _myDaemonUser

echo "Creating Avecto User..."
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser UniqueID 300
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser PrimaryGroupID 300
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser NFSHomeDirectory /Users/_myDaemonUser
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser RecordName _myDaemonUser
sudo dscl . -create /Users/_myDaemonUser UserShell /usr/bin/true
sudo dscl . -passwd /Users/_myDaemonUser aj3kcj$#3fjslkjf2234!£%

sudo dscl . -append /Groups/admin GroupMembership _myDaemonUser

The daemon is used in communication with an Authorization Plugin. In order for the plugin to work correctly, the UserShell cannot be set to /usr/bin/false, else authorization fails.

From what I've seen, most daemons have the UserShell set to /usr/bin/false, which is why they don't appear at login.

As the Usershell is set to /usr/bin/true, my daemon works correctly, but the user appears in both the login screen and the switch user dialog.

If I add the daemon user to the HiddenUsersList of com.apple.loginwindow, or enable the "Hide500Users" option as detailed here, the user is indeed hidden, but the login screen then contains and extra 'Other...' option.

So, how can I prevent the new user from being displayed at login and the switch user dialog, without setting the UserShell to /usr/bin/false and without the "Other..." option being displayed at login?

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