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I'm having an issue.

I try to send an activation link when the user signs up but the mail class keeps giving me this error:

{"error":{"type":"ErrorException","message":"json_encode(): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument","file":"C:\\BitNami\\wampstack-5.4.25-0\\apache2\\htdocs\\zplus\\vendor\\filp\\whoops\\src\\Whoops\\Handler\\JsonResponseHandler.php","line":106}}

I changed the variables $message, $subject, and even the email $email.Nothing works and I cannot solve the problem.

If I remove the mail function, then there are no problems.

Controller code

$email = Input::get('email');

Mail::queue('emails.auth.activate', array('activation_code' => $activation_code), function($message) use ($email)
    $message->to($email, "ZL")->subject(trans("global.user_activation"));


$data = array('status' => 'success', 'redirect' => URL::to('/'));

return Response::json($data);

Could please someone help me out?

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The problem might be in trans("global.user_activation"). Maybe the translation doesn't contain valid utf8 sequence. Replace it with normal english string to see if that is the problem. – SUB0DH Jun 11 '14 at 12:22

In my case problem was caused by 'driver' => 'sendmail' in app/config/mail.php. Try to use other driver or smpt.

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