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like the house/home symbol is &#8962, I need the most popular symbol codes for a website, like contact us, about us, home, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hmmmmmm `ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm'; –  Jitendra Yadav Jun 11 at 10:28

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The notation ⌂ (which should really include the semicolon) is just a reference to the character with Unicode code number 8962 in decimal. You can use similar notations for all Unicode characters, so the ultimate reference would be the Unicode Standard, and in practice you might want to look at the Code Charts for symbols there. The symbol denoted by ⌂, U+2302 HOUSE, is in the Miscellaneous Technical block.

However, most Unicode characters are not supported by most fonts. The real problem with using special characters like “⌂” is with font support and with users’ difficulties in guessing what you mean by such characters (if the users are lucky enough to see them). This is why images are generally recommended for icon-like symbols.

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Hope you will reached your search.

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The home symbol looks like this "⌂ (&#8962)" and I can't find similar icons anywhere on those pages...Any other place I can look for them? I can't remember the website where I found the home symbol, and I can't even remember how I found it –  gustavdebruyn Jun 11 at 10:52

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