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I'm looking to add syntax coloring in Emacs for global variables, defines, local variables in a function.

For example, local variables would be green, globals would be orange, and defines would be blue, like this picture:

syntax highlighting example

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The answer will be major mode specific. That looks like C? –  Chris Jun 11 at 11:29
yes is it. C. what is major mode? –  user1152213 Jun 11 at 11:52
"Every buffer possesses a major mode, which determines the editing behavior of Emacs while that buffer is current." You may want to do the Emacs tutorial. In Emacs, press Ctrl+h, then let go, then press t. –  Chris Jun 11 at 11:55
ok like c-mode or c++-mode. i use c-mode actualy. –  user1152213 Jun 11 at 12:01

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The short answer is - you cannot.

Emacs highlighting works on regular expressions, not on syntax analysis. E.g., foo_t is highlighted as a type because of the _t suffix (int et al are explicitly mentioned in the regexps).

To do better emacs must either parse the C syntax (prohibitively expensive) or talk to a C compiler (clang, because gcc does not reveal its parse tree).

See, e.g.,

These talk about completion, but they are using the same tools that you need and you can relatively easily extend them to do what you need.

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