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In order to make Notepad++ highlight embedded Perl templates as HTML I've added .ep file extension in style configurator. However, it is very common to have large chunks of pure Perl code in these .ep files, which are marked with <% perl code %> tags.

Are there any ways of making Notepad++ interpret everything between <% and %> as Perl code and highlight it as Perl, while everything outside these tags should be considered HTML?

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You know what guys... It actually highlihts something between <% and %>, for instance - keyword for, but it is as far as I concern not perl'ish syntax, but, some, generic or something (it doens't highlight foreach for example). What we need to find out is where in stylers.model.xml and langs.model.xml this behavior is specified and than change it to perl'ish syntax. Any ideas? –  Ivan Jun 11 '14 at 13:49
Perhaps it's not possible with Notepad++ ? superuser.com/questions/235320/… –  Matthew Lock Jun 18 '14 at 0:32
That's probably true. Switched to Sublime Text 2 though it is not freeware. –  Ivan Jun 19 '14 at 6:24

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Templating Engines such as Template Toolkit have specific syntax that is used inside the delimiters <% perl code %> that is then converted to and executed as Perl during the template execution (just before rendering) so even if you could have perlish syntax highlighting in the template's directive blocks it would not be 100% correct.

There are a few editors that support TT style templating here, but if you want it in Notepad++ you will probably have to write the .xml for it (which I imagine a few people will be vary grateful for).

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