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We are using Spring Web Flow and now we wnat to redirect to a web page which is out of the current application flow.

I would like to explain the scenario in detail below:

There are 2 application abc.com , pqr.com.

All the requests to the applications go to IBM Data Power first and based on the context path the request is forwarded to corresponding application.

For example : abc.com has path abc.com/sales pqr.com has path pqr.com/service

So when user tries to access the application he accesses directly via Data Power IP which for example can be considered as So when request is like request goes to abc.com/sales and if it is like it goes to pqr.com/service.

Now in one of the End states I want to redirect to pqr.com/service from abc.com/sales. How can I achieve this? Both the application run on different App Servers.

I have tried using below there Spring Web Flow variable but did not help:

1. serverRelative - Resource relative to the server root.
2. contextRelative - Resource relative to the current web application.
3. servletRelative - Resource relative to the current servlet.

//Flow configuration

<end-state id="endApplication"

When I use above flow end state I get URL as abc.com/service but I want it to be

Can someone help on this?

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And what is stopping you from using the IP? If you have those apps on two different App Servers, none of those WebFlow variables will help you. –  Andrei Stefan Jun 13 '14 at 12:07

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