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My file contains the following lines:

z1D_PreviousAssignedCompany (303760000) = GOIS

Previous_HPD_CI_ReconID (303524300) =

Previous_ServiceCI_ReconID (303524200) =

z1D_TotalOpenIncidentsCount (303070300) = 0

z1D_Assignee_Site (303903600) = Bangalore - IND08

z1D_Assignee_Phone (303903500) = N/A

z1D_Assignee_Email (303903400) = taranveer.vij@in.com

I am looking for the lines that contain some data after the equals sign, ignoring the ones that do not have any value after the equal sign, like:



Bangalore - IND08



This is what I have tried:

if (strword.contains("="))

   int num1=strword.indexOf("=");

   int num2=strword.lastIndexOf("");

   String strNew=strword.substring(num1,num2);

   String removeSpaces=strNew.replace("\\s+","");


Please revert me in case you did not understand my question. Please do not get upset and down vote, I may lose chance to ask question again in future.

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why not using regex?


would give you those non-empty strings in group(1).

or you can do with replaceAll:

String part=line.replaceAll(".*=\\s*","");

here check part ,it would be either empty or the value you need.

NOTE, you should fix the mistake in your code:

I just saw that, in your code:

String removeSpaces=strNew.replace("\\s+","");

string.replace(target, repl) won't think target as regex!! it do literal replacement. You should fix it if you used this method in the same way in your project.

Update, in case you just need to check if a line needs to be removed:

then just check the line with this regex:


this won't extract values for you, but it will tell you if there is = sign in line and if there value (non-empty strings) after the =.

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@Kent.. how can i use this regex?? as matcher method?? –  user3711467 Jun 11 at 13:43
@user3711467 do a google, how to extract string with regex. you'll know how to do... –  Kent Jun 11 at 13:46
@Kent.. thats nice but after removing those lines, its creating empty new lines.. i tried with trim() function but still, those empty lines are present between lines.. –  user3711467 Jun 11 at 13:47
@Kent....i need "part" to be value i need and not empty.. –  user3711467 Jun 11 at 13:49
@user3711467 do you want to get those values or reformat the file? I thought you want those values. you can check the part, if it is empty, skip, take next line, otherwise, part has your value, do your businesslogic with it. –  Kent Jun 11 at 13:50
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You are already getting data after "=" sign right

so just add

if (!strword.trim().equals(""))

before sop and you have what you are looking for

hope this helped

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Use String trim() on your line and then you can check if the = sign is the last character on your trimmed line, if it is remove it.

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Another way of splitting the String is to use the String split method.

public String getValue(String line) {
    String[] values = line.split(" =");
    if (values.length == 1) {
        return "";
    } else {
        return values[1].trim();

If the getValue method returns an empty String (""), ignore the line.

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@Gilbert.. this also good one, creative.. –  user3711467 Jun 11 at 13:51
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