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In D1 of my worksheet, I want the name of the worker with the 2nd to last (2nd oldest) assignment date/time.

Column A lists Employees Column B lists the last Date/Time a task was Assigned

Column A    Column B
Betty    6/5/14 2:45 PM
Bob     5/31/14 9:38 AM
Connie  6/7/14 10:25 PM
Dan     6/3/14 2:05 AM
Earl    6/3/14 4:45 PM

In this case, D1 would show Dan

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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You could achieve that by using this in D1:


SMALL will allow you to find the second oldest value

MATCH will help you find its index in the array

INDEX will find this index value in the first column

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Works great....thanks so much –  IndyMom83 Jun 11 at 15:00

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