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I have a file of 1000 lines, each line has 2 words, separated by a space. How can I print each line only if the last word length is greater than 7 chars? Can I use awk RLENGTH? is there an easy way in perl?

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perl -ane 'print if length($F[1]) > 7'
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@Sinan: Can't believe you turned it into a code golf. :-P –  Chris Jester-Young Mar 10 '10 at 12:12

@OP, awk's RLENGTH is used when you call match() function. Instead, use the length() function to check for length of characters

awk 'length($2)>7' file

if you are using bash, a shell solution

while read -r a b
  if [ "${#b}" -gt 7 ];then
    echo $a $b
done <"file"
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+1 awk rocks. Note that it automatically prints all matching lines so you dont have to mess with any printf calls! –  Martin Wickman Mar 10 '10 at 12:15
awk all the way!!! –  Nyan Jul 26 '10 at 13:45

You can do:

perl -ne '@a=split/\s+/; print if length($a[1]) > 7' input_file.txt

Options used:

    -n  assume 'while () { ... }' loop around program
    -e  'command'    one line of program (several -e's allowed, omit programfile)

You can use the auto-split option as used by Chris

    -a  autosplit mode with -n or -p (splits $_ into @F)
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perl -ane 'length $F[1] > 7 && print' <input_file>
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