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Is it possible to have new name with hex color for use with set-face-attribute?

I look at list-colors-display but the list is limited. Can I create new color? Something like:

(???? "simplegreen" "#096500")

(set-face-attribute 'term-color-green nil :foreground "simplegreen")
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Are you trying to develop a custom color theme? One of the idioms for that is to let bind new color names to their hex codes inside the theme. –  Dan Jun 11 at 16:31
@Dan no, I just wanted to have color for ansi-term that I'll pick from xterm. –  jcubic Jun 11 at 16:40

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Command list-colors-display lists only the named colors that Emacs recognizes for your system. These are not the only colors available.

You can use any RGB hex value. Your system might limit the number of hex digits, e.g., only up to 3 digits for each of R, G, and B. Just precede the digits with #. For example: #03A9C2E55.

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for reference, this will work: (set-face-attribute 'term-color-green nil :foreground "#096500"), thanks. –  jcubic Jun 11 at 17:06

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