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I have a bare repository I access over a SMB network. Quite often I suddenly get fatal error from clients trying to connect. Most of the time some push / pull / clone dance manage to solve it. This time, it's not even possible to clone the repos, I get :

fatal: git upload-pack: cannot find object 002d4400052e62e9047763229bef7ee69cf2c95f:

I don't understand what's wrong. This is even not a complicated repos : 30 commits at most, only linux client, some Mo in size...

How to solve this? Why did it happen? How to avoid this to happen again?

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Are you able to clone that remote repository on the remote machine? I'd suspect corrupted repo due to some SMB disconnect. –  Marcin Gil Mar 10 '10 at 12:13
It's a NAS, there is no real OS in the other side of the wire, just a big Hard drive with a web interface. But you are right, I suspect SMB for a lot of problems. We stoped to put draft project on it because syncdb didn't work on it. And it's not really reliable. It sucks, I probably should install a server but it's a pain as I'm in Africa and there is no broadband. –  e-satis Mar 10 '10 at 12:21
Ok, I tried to clone from a dir in the NAS, it didn't change anything. But rebooting alowed one client to pull and another one to clone. I just don't get it. –  e-satis Mar 10 '10 at 12:28

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After a reboot of the NAS hosting the repos, it started working again. Git can raise a lot of various errors when the hardware doesn't follow.

Morality : when you can't get any coherent debug, it may be because it's not a software problem.

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