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I am inserting a group of strings into my table. This is a sample one,

|=|4|=|3|=|5|=|3|=|Yes|=|No comments .

Sometimes my string may be like


For this situation I want to append a string (sorry, no data) to the end of |=|.

Also my string may be like


That symbol at the end is empty space. In this situation I also want to append this string (sorry, no data) at the end of |=|.

Can you tell me how to do this?

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What table do you mean? A database table? – Your Common Sense Mar 10 '10 at 12:17
It’s really hard to get what you’re saying. Maybe you should try to be more descriptive. – Gumbo Mar 10 '10 at 13:16
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Use susbstr to extract end of string

if (substr($string, -3) == '|=|') 
    $string .= '(Sorry no data)';

Or with one space character

if (substr($string, -1) == ' ') 
        $string .= '(Sorry no data)';

You can also achieve same thing with regular expressions

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Try this:

$splitted = explode("|=|", $your_string);
if (count($splitted) < 6)
  $your_string .= "Sorry no data";

If you want to add "Sorry no data" also if the last section is "No comments", change the if to:

if (count($splitted) < 6) || $splitted[5] == "No comments")
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The question is, why do you need to do this? For me, it sounds like the structure of your database is wrong, and you are trying to save n variables into 1 field (if I'm right, take a look at Database normalization, if I'm wrong I missunderstood your question...).

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$string = "|=|4|=|3|=|5|=|3|=|Yes|=|";
$var = explode("|=|",$string);
$pick_last_array = count($var);
$pick_last_array = $pick_last_array-1;
    $my_last_val =  "Am coming";
    $my_last_val =  $var[$pick_last_array];

echo $my_last_val;

This snippet fixed my problem.

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