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I am using Hyper-V Manager on my Windows 8.1 device to host a virtual machine. As it turns out, there is no way to enable your COM ports through the user interface, instead you must use Windows PowerShell (as described here and shown below).

enter image description here

I have followed the directions provided in the link above, and I can see the VM COM ports (1 & 2) listed in the device manager of the VM. I can point at the VM COM ports with the kernel debugger in WinDbg (running on the VM). Finally, I am trying to kernel debug a peripheral device physically plugged into the USB port of the HOST machine (COM4).

How do I map the VM COM ports to the HOST machine?

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You don't. Mapping physical COM ports to virtual machines is still not supported AFAIK. You could try something like Network Serial Port Kit, though. – Ansgar Wiechers Jun 11 '14 at 21:35

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You need to access the VM via the "Remote Desktop Connection" application.

  • There is a "Show Options" button in the lower-left corner.
  • There will be a tab labelled "Local Resources"
  • There is a box titled "Local devices and resources"
  • Click the "More..." button.
  • Check the "Ports" check-box.
  • Finally, sign in to your VM under the "General" tab.

Now you can access the resources of your local machine in your VM.

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