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I have a build.js like that:

  baseUrl: "./www/js",
  name: "app",
  mainConfigFile: "www/js/app.js",
  out: "www/js/require.js",
  optimize: "none",
  paths: {
    "requireLib": "../../bower_components/requirejs/require",
    "jquery": "vendor/jquery",
    "jquery-ui": "vendor/jquery-ui",
    "foundation": "vendor/foundation",
    "underscore": "vendor/underscore",
    "ember": "vendor/ember",
    "ember-data": "vendor/ember-data",
    "handlebars": "vendor/handlebars"
  shim: {
    "jquery-ui": {
      deps: ["jquery"]
    "foundation": {
      deps: ["jquery"]
    "ember": {
      deps: ["handlebars", "jquery"],
      exports: "Ember"
    "handlebars": {
      exports: "Handlebars"
    "ember-data": {
      deps: ["ember"],
      exports: "DS"
  include: ["requireLib", "router"]

And in my app.js it says

define([..., "router", ...], function(..., Router, ...) { //...

Note that it clearly requires a module called router and I additionally explicitely include it in the build.js. It even complains if I specify a wrong module name, that it cannot find the file. But when the module name is correct and the build process successfull, the router module is not in my require.js file. All the other modules that are required in app.js are correctly compiled.

Any ideas whats wrong?

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