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I'm seeing a socket leak when running WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.4.1

I'm using the internal, built in cassandra, non clustered.
Bam toolbox: API_Manager_Analytics.tbox, with incremental processing annotations added.
Open files keep increasing, eventually the system runs out.

This did not happen in 2.4.0.
The files increase whenever the am_stats_analyzer script runs.

How to observe: lsof -n | grep java | wc -l -

On BAM 2.4.0, this number stays below 1000.
On BAM 2.4.1, this number continues to increase to many thousands.
Every time the analytic script runs, the number increases.

lsof shows many of these:

java      22617                  wso2 5263u     IPv4          409568593      0t0        TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

java      22617                  wso2 5264u     IPv4          409568595      0t0        TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

After a number of hours, or overnight, no more files can be obtained. Changing limits in /etc/security/limits.conf buys some time, but eventually no more threads can be started.

I've been unable to find any WSO2 BAM configuration file tuning that solves this.

Thanks for any assistance.

Update: I was able to recreate the problem with BAM 2.4.0 also. Experimenting, the problem appears to be related to the incremental processing annotations.
I created a new toolbox without the @Incremental annotations. I'm not seeing the leak now. I would advise caution to anyone using incremental analysis.

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