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I am having trouble understanding DMA window and actual amount of addressable DMA memory.

I hope someone explains me. Let me put my understanding and doubts here:

Let's say I am writing code for an ethernet device driver in the virtualisation(hypervisor) environment.

Now, if the ethernet adapter requires certain amount of DMA memory, I need to allocate heap memory and dma map it and provide to the adapter.

From the hardware perspective, we have a 64GB DMA window.

I am having trouble understanding this value. Does it mean i can allocate 64GB of RAM(Heap memory) and dma map it?

As i understand there might be a table that translates bus address to physical(RAM) addresses. Each entry of such table points to a 4KB page. If the size of each entry is 8 bytes and there are 16M such entries( 16M * 4K = 64GB DMA window), the size of the table comes to around 128M

Now do I have 64GB DMA memory or 128M DMA memory?

I want to know what is the max amount of memory that I can allocate(heap), dma map and provide it to the adapter.

I will be really thankful in all the help that I can get!!

Thanks so much

Best Regards, Marc

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