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I have an Xcode workspace with CocoaPods that I'm trying to build using xctool on travis. Here's the command that I'm using to do the build:

xctool -workspace MyApp.xcworkspace -scheme MyApp -sdk iphoneos -configuration Release SYMROOT=$PWD/build OBJROOT=$PWD/build ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO

This successfully builds the static libraries for each CocoaPod and the final app and dSYM into the $PWD/build directory, but the precompiled headers are still placed in DerivedData. I need them to be built into the $PWD/build directory for caching. Is there any way to specify where the precompiled headers are built to?


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Figured it out. I needed to add SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR=$PWD/build onto the xctool command.

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