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In Sublime Text, you can add a folder to a project. Is there a way to add a particular folder to all projects, or to have it added to a new project by default?

In my case, I have some base code, and then each project uses that base code plus it's own code on top of that. So I want to include the base code folder(s) in every project by default.

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Unlike plugins, build systems, and snippets, there is no default template for .sublime-project files that you could edit to include your base code folder. So, the easiest workaround I could come up with is to create a Default.sublime-project file someplace with your base code folder already in it. Then, when you start a new project, you can use Project -> Quick Switch Project... or Project -> Open Recent -> to select Default, then you can add your project-specific folders along with the already-existing base code folder. Once that's done, just use Project -> Save Project As... to rename it to something relevant, and Default should be ready for the next use.

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