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I need to create a javascript variable with the path to the css folder in the webroot for a jQuery WYSIWYG plugin which references a css.

My code into the head in the layout file

echo $this->Html->scriptBlock(sprintf('var WEBROOT_PATH = "%s";', WWW_ROOT));


var defaultOptions = $.fn.wysihtml5.defaultOptions = {
    "link": true,
    "image": true,
    "size": 'sm',
    events: {},
    parserRules: {
        classes: {
            "wysiwyg-color-silver" : 1,
        tags: {
            "b":  {},
            "i":  {},
            "blockquote": {},
            "u": 1,
            "img": {
                "check_attributes": {
                    "width": "numbers",
                    "alt": "alt",
                    "src": "url",
                    "height": "numbers"
            "span": 1,
    stylesheets: [WEBROOT_PATH+"css/bootstrap3-wysiwyg5-color.css"],
    locale: "en"

I have tried all the cakephp constants and they all lead to the absolute path


the path I need is


I have also tried

stylesheets: ["/css/bootstrap3-wysiwyg5-color.css"],

and I get

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I have had success with <script>var base_url = '<?php echo Router::url('/'); ?>';</script> when passing the path to JS files. [base_url + "css/bootstrap3..."] should work nicely. –  Ross Jun 11 '14 at 22:06
Great thanks, that has work perfectly. Add this as an answer and I will make it as correct. –  Keith Power Jun 11 '14 at 23:43

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