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I release several modifications a week for my Windows Services and my users have to update it manually. I was think in rolling my own auto-update component, but I heard of ClickOnce, which seems to suit only Windows Forms and not Windows Services. Is there any similar solution for my case?

And if I should develop this feature myself, should I:

  1. Stop the service, replace the files, start the service?


  1. Uninstall and Install the new version?

for both options I think I will need admin rights, which require user intervention, so it's not automatic at all, right?

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You could have the service simply be a shell. Every so often (once a day?) have the service check for a new version by querying a web server. If a new version exists, have it unload the actual assembly which performs the work, download and save the new assembly, then kick itself off again.

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Check this out: ClickOnce deploy a Windows Service?.

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I think Jader already knew the answer (No) to that one. – Henk Holterman Mar 10 '10 at 13:42
But Marc Gravell pointed a solution in that thread. – Jader Dias Mar 10 '10 at 13:44

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