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Using Oracle 11g Forms 11.1.2

Compilation error reads:

Column Mapping: FUBAR_ID 
FRM-30049: Unable to build column mapping.
FRM-30085: Unable to adjust form for output.

Column is indeed incorrect as it should be another column name(BIZZ_ID)

I see the LOV-Tree Branch, and I see the LOV objects but my inspection has not led me to any column names.

Question: How do I change the column name in an LOV Object?

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LOV mapping is done under the tag LOVs.

Here you can see all your LOVs and if you double click on it you will get the properties for this LOV.

In the functional menu there is an option Column Mapping Properties, if you click the button you will get a menu that displays the mappings.

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Please make sure that the columns under LOV property 'Column Mapping Properties' matches the columns returned by the Record Group of your LOV. –  DJPeter Jun 12 at 8:04

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