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I'm trying to get a very basic browserify example going, but I am getting an error in my node.js command prompt on Windows7 that is driving me nuts. It looks like the browserify is just plain not resolving the / in my paths to windows \ paths. Using \ in the paths works just fine.

The error:

C:\Projects\Gameplan\gameplan>browserify -e src/javascript/app2.js
Error: module "../appmodules/module1.js" not found from     "C:\\Projects\\Gameplan\\gameplan\\src\\javascript\\app2.js"
  at notFound (C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\index.js:811:15)
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\index.js:761:23
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\index.js:185:24
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:44:14
  at process (C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:113:43)
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:122:21
  at load (C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:54:43)
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:60:22
  at C:\nodejs\node_modules\browserify\node_modules\browser-resolve\node_modules\resolve\lib\async.js:16:47
  at Object.oncomplete (fs.js:107:15)

My app.js file:

'use strict';
var module1 = require("../appmodules/module1.js");

// This line works fine on windows!
//var module1 = require("..\\appmodules\\module1.js");

My module1.js file:

'use strict';
module.exports = function() { console.log("test"); };

My folder structure is


and I am running this command:

browserify -e /src/javascript/app2.js
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The statement require("../appmodules/module1.js"); running from /src/javascript/app2.js will actually look in /src/appmodules/module1.js.

Go ahead and replace .. with a single dot: ., to look in the right directory.

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I actually had require('appmodules/module1.js'); at one point, but I think the internal resolution algorithm must require that relative paths start with ./ –  Rick Pelletier Jun 11 '14 at 22:05
Yep! So doing require('appmodules/module1.js') will look for the module named "appmodules/module1.js" (either in node_modules/ or a similar location). To specify the location of the module you'd like the require (instead of the name), you need to let require know for sure that you are specifying a path - by prepending the location with a ./ or something of that nature. –  Jordan Scales Jun 11 '14 at 22:07
THAT finally makes sense. Thanks! –  Rick Pelletier Jun 11 '14 at 22:08

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