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I'm using CoreLocation to find a users current location and display it on a map. I want to show an icon with an antenna when the location is established using satellites and a icon with towers when it uses tower cell triangulation. In my test app i set the desired accuracy to be kCLLocationAccuracyNearestTenMeters if using tower cell triangulation this may never be reached but when it uses satellites i had promising results.

How can i determine the mode of retrieving the current location, satellites or towers, should i see if the accuracy provided by CoreLocation is less than the desired one then is using satellites and if not is using tower cell triangulation or there is another way?

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The framework does not expose the method(s) by which it determined the location.

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One way to distinguish GPS updates: the altitude parameter is set.

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While the framework does not expose which hardware device is providing location information, it does provide accuracy information with the properties: horizontalAccuracy and verticalAccuracy. You can fake it by looking at how precise those values are.

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i was thinking of using horizontalAccuracy to see if it is within a distance margin. If it's smaller then the position is discovered by using satellites otherwise by tower cell triangulation. – Sorin Antohi Mar 11 '10 at 8:58

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