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I want NLog to print a header for every new file. I can only get it to do it on the 1st one, after that when the files reaches max size, the new file does not have the header. What am I doing wrong?

<target name="DataLog" xsi:type="File" fileName="DCCData.log"
    layout="${date:format=yyyy-MM-dd HH\:mm\:ss.ffff}, ${message}"
    header="My header,"        
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Pogorman, I am using, but still has the problem.Can you able to fix it? –  Hippias Minor Jan 2 at 14:42
Sorry - I don't contribute to NLog, but I can say for sure that the issue was not present in 3.0 –  pogorman Jan 6 at 2:33
Well, I do small experiment with latest NLog but does not work with Daily archive...Interesting –  Hippias Minor Jan 6 at 11:28

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Nevermind, it was a bug that that has been fixed in 3.0 https://github.com/NLog/NLog/issues/245

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