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I have a website that is very image heavy so loading time is a bit slower than the norm.

I resize images once they are all loaded. However, I am wanting to give an indication to the user that the images are still loading.

Using the imagesLoaded library, i have managed to get the nprogress bar working perfectly, but I want to be able to target a div for the loading bar to go into.

If this is not possible its not a problem, I'l just use spin.js or similar.

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Please link the libraries you've used. Also, please post the code that you have. –  Bergi Jun 11 at 23:17

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NProgress author here. This is now possible with the latest version.

NProgress.configure({ parent: "#your_container_here" });

Keep in mind however that NProgress doesn't support having multiple progress bars per page (which isn't a very good use case anyway).

Also see:

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