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I have created a collection in APIGEE BaaS and now am exposing an API which mashes up data from this collection and also from other backend service. While calling the backend service from API, I am using an accesstoken. However, by default the expiry time for the accesstoken is set to 604800 milliseconds. I tried changing the default ttl using below API call,

PUT: https://api.usergrid.com/<myorg>/<myapp>?client_id=<client_id>&client_secret=<client_secret> {"accesstokenttl":0}

It gives me a response as below, which seems to indicate that the request went through.

"uri": "https://api.usergrid.com/<myorg>/<myapp>",
"entities": [
        "uuid": "93495580-ed20-11e3-89d5-25d72fde3d7e",
        "type": "application",
        "name": "<myorg>/<myapp>",
        "created": 1402020991714,
        "modified": 1402535205960,
        "accesstokenttl": 0,

However, when I try to get a new accesstoken using below request it still shows expiry set to 604800 milliseconds.

POST: https://api.usergrid.com/<myorg>/<myapp>/token {"grant_type":"client_credentials", "client_id":<client_id>, "client_secret":<client_secret>

Gives me following response:

"access_token": "UREDStK1padfdffayGfNfoYtCiAAAAUaxsjHnfhkLkG1abYWVPC_MMWD3VFRaHyA",
"expires_in": 604800,

Is there anything that I am missing here?

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You've updated your max token expiry at the application level correctly (to summarize):

PUT: https://api.usergrid.com/{org}/{app}/?client_id={app_client_id}&client_secret={app_client_secret}

With the JSON payload (don't forget to set the Content-Type: application/json header!)


Where the tokenttl is a timestamp in milliseconds (or non-expiring, as you did in your example).

What you need to do now is actually set the TTL property on the token call:

POST https://api.usergrid.com/{org}/{app}/token 


Here's a link to the Apigee docs that discusses token TTLs in detail.

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I tried to set the ttl to 0 using api.usergrid.com{org}/{app}/token but still it gives me the same response - "{ "access_token": "UREDStK1padfdffayGfNfoYtCiAAAAUaxsjHnfhkLkG1abYWVPC_MMWD3VFRaHyA", "expires_in": 604800," –  user3668542 Jun 12 at 3:42
Try setting it to a large number like 31104000000 (1 year). –  remus Jun 12 at 3:44
Hrm... double check the user/pass just to make sure? Never seen that error unless it's actually bad user/pass. –  remus Jun 12 at 3:59
If I give a fairly large value like 31104000000, it gives me an error saying { "error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "invalid username or password" }. However if I set it to 311040000 (=above value / 100), it sets the expiry as below: { "access_token": "ABCEDEFFi8PHuO_pu9cr9aaQQAAAUag-y8ZuepPiYmXCSeUY7rUqhChgq2FRJs", "expires_in": 311040, –  user3668542 Jun 12 at 4:59
Ok in that case I don't think your app level TTL is set correctly. –  remus Jun 12 at 15:18

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