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When enabling Facebook Connect, any facebook user can then login to your website,

what type of user profile information can my website retrieve?

Username? Email? First Name? Last Name?

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There is a ton of information you can retrieve, if the user has permitted it through their privacy settings. Just about everything you can retrieve is in a FQL table somewhere:

You cannot, however, get their email. You need to ask permission, using the API, to do that. This is also not a data bonanza, you can only permanently store the user ID. Everything else you can only store for 24 hours, then need to re-query Facebook for the information.

If you just want to display the user's first and last name, you can use FBML rendered with the Facebook Connect code.

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Isn't the username the email address? (your able to retrieve the username). – 001 Mar 10 '10 at 14:37


There are seriously loads of API docs around.

Good luck on your facebook journey ;)

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