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I use ShowWindow/ShowWindowAsync to maximize a window. It works, but for a multiple-monitor setup it fails - it only maximizes to one monitor.

None of the nCmdShow parameters seems to be appropriate.

ShowWindowAsync(hwnd, SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED);
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This request doesn't really make sense, because Windows doesn't allow the concept of "maximizing" a window to span multiple monitors. You can programatically resize your window to span all monitors, but it won't be drawn in "maximized" style and beware that the resolution and physical arrangement of the monitors may make it difficult to compute appropriate dimensions. –  Andrew Medico Jun 12 at 2:47
Makes sense. Thanks. The maximize button works on the Remote Desktop Connection /mstsc window. I'm guessing it does something else then. –  moogs Jun 12 at 2:53
Prior to Windows 7, a Remote Desktop window looks like a single monitor to the target session (regardless of physical monitor configuration of either the server or client). –  Andrew Medico Jun 12 at 3:04
Sounds like we have an answer...? –  david.pfx Jun 12 at 7:37
yes. happy to mark it as an answer if it wasn't a comment :) –  moogs Jun 15 at 0:29

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