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is anyone know a way I can get a second (and, if it's any possible: a thirth) Y-axis in a wxMathPlot.

I have to display two Curves simultaneously with very different range. (like: 1,600,000 - 1,650,000 and 0 - 100,000) (the "," means a decimal mark).

To my knowledge, wxFreeChart has the possibility to do multiple Axis (but I don't know if 3 Y- nad 1 x-Axis is possible) but has nothing like zoom...


edit: Ok, I found this: http://wxmathplot.sourceforge.net/docs/a00016.html#ae2a5cf7f3964022a2b8bec230e10833a

So I can set a y-Axis at the left and the right side, that is ok, but is there anyway I can set both y-Axis at the left side (without using Border-Style) and they dont merging?

A much harder problem, evry y-axis uses the same min/max-values. But i need a solution for a plot with a curve at 1.500.000-1.700.000 and two curves around -10.000 and 10.000.

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The first problem soluted, but two new problems appear... –  Casisto Jun 15 '14 at 20:16

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