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I'm playing around with neo4j community edition 2.0.1, and I've struck a problem which I can't find a solution to. My ineptitude with Cypher may be contributing to my issues!

I have a small number of nodes, with an index on a "Name" property. For demonstration purposes, I have two nodes "Foo" and "Foo Bar". Running any of the following Cypher queries in the browser interface works fine - returning either one or both nodes:

START n=node:node_auto_index("Name:Foo") match n RETURN n
START n=node:node_auto_index("Name:Foo*") match n RETURN n

However, running the following query returns a Neo database error (Neo.DatabaseError.Statement.ExecutionFailure) - note the space in the name:

START n=node:node_auto_index("Name:Foo Bar") match n RETURN n

I'm at a loss as to what this issue might be - is this an error with my search request, or a known problem with the database? Many thanks!

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The string supplied to node:node_auto_index is passed directly to the index provider (which is Lucene by default). There Lucene query syntax applies, see:

Space is a term separator in your case, so you might try:

START n=node:node_auto_index("Name:'Foo Bar'") match n RETURN n

(Actually - it's as per Stefan's comment below:

START n=node:node_auto_index('Name:"Foo Bar"') match n RETURN n

Thanks Stefan!)

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Many thanks for your reply, Stefan. I'm sorry - I should have mentioned that I tried this when looking at the issue originally. Using single quotations as you have them above gives the same Execution Failure error. Interestingly, using "Name:'Foo'" in the above actually returns zero records (no error), whereas "Name:Foo" returns a node. Is there a possibility that I have not set up my indexing correctly? From your answer, it appears that the format you suggest is expected to work ... – user3732713 Jun 13 '14 at 21:07
try it the other way round: 'Name:"Foo Bar"'. Maybe Lucene is picky about ' vs ". – Stefan Armbruster Jun 14 '14 at 8:46
Ah! And, of course, I didn't try that. You're entirely correct - it works as {START n=node:node_auto_index('Name:"Foo Bar"') match n RETURN n}. Many thanks for your help, Stefan. – user3732713 Jun 15 '14 at 2:15
you can also do START n=node:node_auto_index(Name="Foo Bar") match n RETURN n – Michael Hunger Jun 15 '14 at 20:02

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