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for gallery app i using flickr api, my problem is when am try to get JSON object using flikr url it return only one object,in my photostream having three images. plz help...

My url :

My json result : jsonFlickrApi({"photosets":{"page":1, "pages":1, "perpage":1, "total":1, "photoset":[{"id":"72157645107014041", "primary":"14209605348", "secret":"7db696ec41", "server":"2939", "farm":3, "photos":"3", "videos":0, "title":{"_content":"car"}, "description":{"_content":"my car tut"}, "needs_interstitial":0, "visibility_can_see_set":1, "count_views":"0", "count_comments":"0", "can_comment":0, "date_create":"1402467401", "date_update":"1402552792"}]}, "stat":"ok"})

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it appears you are getting the list of your photosets not photos, and there is only one photoset (with potentially more than one photo under it).

Extract the photoset ID from that list and make another request to the URL of the photoset to get the list of photos in it.

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