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I have Json Rpc Dispatcher Server running in my local host at port 5000 I need to get a html index page when i visit


here is the app.psgi use JSON::RPC::Dispatcher;

my $rpc = JSON::RPC::Dispatcher->new;

$rpc->register( 'ping', sub { return 'pong' } );
$rpc->register( 'echo', sub { return $_[0] } );

sub add_em {
  my @params = @_;
  my $sum = 0;
  $sum += $_ for @params;
  return $sum;

$rpc->register( 'sum', \&add_em );

# Want to do some fancy error handling? 
sub guess {
  my ($guess) = @_;
  if ($guess == 10) {
    return 'Correct!';
  elsif ($guess > 10) {
    die [ 986, 'Too high.', $guess];
  else {
    die [ 987, 'Too low.', $guess ];
$rpc->register( 'guess', \&guess );

For now it only returns json with either a GET guess or sum method request.

I need to have a GET request that will return a html page and load some Javascript maybe with the root request

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According to the JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification:

When a rpc call is made, the Server MUST reply with a Response, except for in the case of Notifications. The Response is expressed as a single JSON Object, ...

So its not possible to get a html page from a JSON::RPC Server.

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Okay i will see a way to get around that. – Gideon Maina Jun 12 '14 at 11:08

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