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I'm trying to run jconsole on Chrome OS. In both the chroot of Ubuntu that I have installed, and the normal Chrome OS shell, I receive the following error on both the 32- and 64-bit versions:

-bash: ./jconsole: cannot execute binary file

I'm not the best with UNIX systems, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out why I can't run this on either Chrome OS or the ubuntu chroot.

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Do you prepend an accidental second dot? (. ./jconsole). What does file jconsole tells you? – Eelvex Jun 13 '14 at 22:17

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Not that I can claim credit for this answer, but Eric Iverson recently suggested on the J forums that the best way to do this was to install a J server on a Unix server and then use a browser to access the server using the JHS frontend (works in any modern browser). It does require extra equipment and I expect that you had hoped that there was a version of J that would work in the Chrome OS, but when one of the developers of the language says run a browser in the Chrome OS and point it at a unix server running the J engine, I'd try that if you have not already.

Reference in J general forum:

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Short version

If you already installed successfully hopefully it's just a syntax error:

  • jconsole instead of ./jconsole

Long version

IMPORTANT: You have to be in the chroot to run any regular Linux programs. The Chrome OS shell (crosh) doesn't allow installing anything as far as I know.

I'm on Chrome OS, using a chroot via crouton and playing with j801, including jconsole.

Since I have a 1st-gen Samsung ARM Chromebook, I downloaded the armhf version. If you're using an Intel-based device, pick something else, maybe linux32

  • use dpkg -i j801_armhf.deb to install to ~/j801
  • (optional but recommended) make a symlink /usr/bin/jc -> /path/to/j801/bin/jconsole to easily start jconsole from any directory.

See the installation instructions for more detail.

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