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I have a Problem with iOS7 and VPN on demand.

If I call a Webservice VPN on demand starts the connection. The VPN Symbol is shown in the Statusbar and everything works fine.

Now I wait for a minute or two for sending another request. The VPN Symbol is still shown in the statusbar, but the connection is not valid. The request will run into empty and the services isn't called.

So my question, is there any posibility to cancel the vpn connection or to keep it alive? What do i need to build a per App VPN?

Thanks a lot!

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You could give it a try on per app vpn also.Can you tell me what VPN client you are using in iOS.is it OpenVPN or Juniper –  Shravan Sep 2 at 17:59

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I am also using On-Demand VPN in iOS 7 and I am not experiencing this issue

Suggestion 1:

It seems like buggy beta os version update to latest one and try that's enough.

Suggestion 2:

If the VPN server is down it may happen so make sure VPN sure in online and available.

Suggestion 3:

Review your mobile config xml for any bug below is part of my mobile config I use.


Hope this helps.

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So it looks like the Routing doesn't work fine. Some tests show us that the vpn works perfectly with wifi. In the mobile network, the vpn gateway can't reach the iPhone for a heartbeat. –  Gulliva Sep 19 at 11:38
@Gulliva - it seems some problem with mobile config ...can you share yours so that I can verify it. –  Shajo Oct 9 at 12:17

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