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I have store procedure called thisSP which calls another sp called [theOtherStoreProcedure].

[in thissp there is nvarchar EventUrl parameter.]

EXEC dbo.TheOtherStoreProcedure     @EventID = @EventID
                                    ,@EventUrl = @EventUrl

in TheOtherStoreProcedure I am assigning EventUrl's and inserting it to Table.However in TheOtherStoreProcedure EventUrl is varchar

@EventUrl = @EventUrl

Question is : is SQLServer doing nvarchar to varchar convert process doing automatically?

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SQL Server performs the implicit conversion from nvarchar to varchar provided the size of both the paramaters are compatible.

Here is the table of conversion in SQL Server

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yeap, it is working great without doing any extra work, thank you –  Mehmet Eren Yener Jun 12 '14 at 9:09

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