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After I login with my facebook account everything works fine, except the token gets cleared automatically every time i start the app, so it asks my to login again, i use the following code in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions to check active session:

if (FBSession.activeSession.state == FBSessionStateCreatedTokenLoaded) {
    NSLog(@"Found a cached session");
    // If there's one, just open the session silently, without showing the user the login UI
    [FBSession openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions:@[@"public_profile", @"email", @"user_friends",@"publish_actions,publish_stream"]
     ^(FBSession *session, FBSessionState state, NSError *error) {
         NSLog(@"session exp. = %@",session.accessTokenData.expirationDate);
         [self sessionStateChanged:session state:state error:error delegate:_delegate];

         if (error) {
             NSLog(@"error: %@",error.localizedDescription);
         [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]setObject:[Utils languageSelectedStringForKey:@"Logout"] forKey:@"fbState"];
         [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]synchronize];
         [self sessionStateChanged:session state:state error:error delegate:nil];


    // If there's no cached session, we will show a login button
} else {
    [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]setObject:[Utils languageSelectedStringForKey:@"Login with Facebook"] forKey:@"fbState"];
    [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]synchronize];

    NSLog(@"no cached session -> show a login button");
    //  UIButton *loginButton = [self.customLoginViewController loginButton];
    //  [loginButton setTitle:@"Log in with Facebook" forState:UIControlStateNormal];

so the Found a cached session message is printed, but when i check the session i found it cleared, what i noticed is the method openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions not called!!!

Any Suggestions, please!!

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I have found the problem, i was using wrong permissions which did not allow me to store the session, so i edited the permissions as below:

@[@"public_profile", @"email", @"user_friends",@"publish_actions"]

So after i removed publish_stream everything worked perfectly.

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