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I have two domains declared in my app.

class Posts {

   String title
   String content
   static hasMany = [tags:Tag]

   static constraints = {

class Tag {

    String Name
    static belongsTo = Post
    static hasMany = [posts:Post]
    static constraints = {

    String toString()

I have a controller which manages the search and display of results:


class ViewerController {

    def defaultAction='search'
    def search={}

    def show = {
        def _foundPost = Post.findAllBytitle(params.title)
        return [posts: _foundPost, term: params.title]

The search.gsp code is as follows:

  <head><title>Simple GSP page</title></head>
  <body>Place your content here.

          <g:form action="show">
            <label for="title">Title</label>
            <g:textField name="title" />
            <g:submitButton name="search" value="Search"/>

and the following code for show.gsp.

  <head><title>Simple GSP page</title></head>
    for items matching <em>${term}</em>.
    Found <strong>${posts.size()}</strong> hits.
    <g:each var="tag" in="${posts.tags}">

  <g:link action='search'>Search Again</g:link></body>

My Question is I am unable to display the tags as follows:


Found 1 hits.

* [planting, dig]

However, I want the output as:

* planting
* dig

What am I doing wrong here?

Much Appreciated.

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I notice your code Post.findAllBytitle uses lowercase 'title' in it - is that causing any errors for you? I would have expected it to be Post.findAllByTitle with a capital 'T'. – Rob Hruska Mar 10 '10 at 16:19
thanks Rob yeah indeed I made a typo there, however I did find the solution to the problem. <code>def postfound = Post.findByTitle(params.title)</code> as the problem with findAllByTitle is that it returns a list of possible values which Phillpe in his answer below has correctly specified. thanks for replying, Cheers WB – WaZ Mar 10 '10 at 17:11
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<g:each var="tag" in="${posts.tags}">


<g:each var="tag" in="${posts.tags[0]}">
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Hi Phil, thanks for ur reply. Indeed it worked. Howver, now one more thing whenever I run the above code it returns me tags in a random order, how can I sort them? Thanks, Much Appreciated – WaZ Mar 11 '10 at 15:17
In your Post domain class, declare your tags field as a SortedSet. See the second example for the Author class in this example : – Philippe Mar 12 '10 at 13:52

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