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I am using jdev and MySql db.

How can we generate primary key of MySql db column using groovy/declaratively or even programmatically?

below link is to acheive the same programmtically in 12c


the issue with this approach is that after commit, the generated key is not displayed on the page.


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Why would you generate PK yourself? –  N.B. Jun 12 at 9:51
My requirement is get the latest id from the database and display it on the page. as there will be multiple users who can access this page at the same time, so this id should be unique to all of them. –  Muhammad Jun 12 at 10:01
Ok, judging from what you said - MySQL would generate a non-unique primary keys and it wouldn't provide you with the latest one generated, so you decided it's better you control atomicity and consistency from your application which is impossible by definition? I don't understand what's exactly wrong with auto_increment and LAST_INSERT_ID(); which were made for what you described. Are you aware of how MySQL works at all or not? If not, it's better to ask if it provides such facilities rather than assuming it doesn't. –  N.B. Jun 12 at 10:04
I am new to MySql/Web Development with little knowledge about these functions. Please can you advise how can I achieve my task using these? –  Muhammad Jun 12 at 10:16
Define primary key as auto_increment when creating your table, there are numerous examples available. After you're done with inserting into that table, call MySQL's LAST_INSERT_ID(); function with SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() as last_id;. I'm sure ADF has methods for doing the latter. –  N.B. Jun 12 at 10:19

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