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In my project i am using structureMap.Net4 (version 3.0.3) with StructureMap (3.0.3) . I configured the Ioc with following code for setter injection

public static IContainer Initialize()

            ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>

                            x.SetAllProperties(y => y.OfType<ICacheManager>);
                            //    .Configure.Setter<ICacheManager>(y => y.CacheManager)
                            //    .IsTheDefault();
            return ObjectFactory.Container;

But i am getting an error cannot resolve symbol SetAllProperties . i already referenced this following namespace

using StructureMap;
using StructureMap.Graph;

Why i am getting this error ? how i can solve this ? or should i reference any other namespace

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StructureMap 3 has changed where Setter Injection is configured. It is now configured using a PolicyExpression, it can be accessed at ConfigurationExpression.Policies. I've attached a sample below.

ObjectFactory.Configure(x =>
    x.Policies.SetAllProperties(y => y.OfType<ICacheManager>());
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try putting braces

x.SetAllProperties(y => y.OfType<ICacheManager>());
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i am already used it but not worked\ –  Binson Eldhose Jun 13 at 3:12

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