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I have found two ways to extract matches in Python:


def extract_matches(regexp, text):
  matches = re.match(regexp, text)
  if matches:
    return matches.group(1)


def extract_matches(regexp, text):
    return re.findall(regexp, text)[0]
  except IndexError:
    return None

Which one would you suggest me to use? And do you know any other ways to do this?

Thanks, Boda Cydo.

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The semantics are different. The second finds more than the first. This seems like asking which is better 2+2 or (2+2,3.1415928)[0]? They don't seem to be equivalent in any way except coincidentally. Can you explain more why you're confused? – S.Lott Mar 10 '10 at 16:37
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I would more often use re.search (which returns any match, not just one constrained to start at the beginning of the string as re.match does!) if I'm looking for just one match, re.finditer if I want to loop over all matches. Never re.findall if I'm going after only one match though, that's wasted effort with no upside!

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Thanks for the answer, Alex. – bodacydo Mar 10 '10 at 19:10

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