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I have written a custom PLB core for my design, and added interrupt functionality during custom core generation. Interrupt generation logic is designed in custom peripheral. For interrupt control, I added XPS interrupt controller (v2.01a) to the system and connected my custom core's interrupt ports to INTC via master bus. However, as I need to connect IRQ output of INTC to Interrupt input of Microblaze (v8.40), I cannot connect those two ports using Ports tab of System Assembly View, there is no connection option except external port and core's itself. I tried to do it manually on .MHS file, but still I cannot see IRQ and Interrupt ports connected in Graphical Design View. Besides, in Bus Interfaces tab of Assembly View, I can see INTERRUPT port of Microblaze but again, no change can be made.

Bus interface tab, no way to connect any ports to Interrupt Input

Ports tab, no way to connect IRQ output to any other port

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Use AXI_INTC insteed of XPS_INTC and it should work.

There you will find two bus :


You will be able to connect the interrupt bus to your MicroBlaze component

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