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I have the following NASM code that compiles and links OK but executes with problems in line 39, printing a lot of non-sense starting with the beginning of my code. The direct jump is not allowed in 64 bit mode, instead one should make an indirect jump but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone help me with that? Please give clear instructions, I am back to ASM after more than 10 years without using it. This is a rough code to show register rax, initially it was intended to be included in a program you want to write and show any 64 bit register from a variable, if it works I will provide the final code.

Thank you for your help.

global _start
section .data
align 4
ascii   times 15 db 0, 10
occurs      db 0            ; count number of times value fits
divisor     dd 10

section .text

    mov rax,4294967296          ; 11111111111111111111111111111111  (32 bit 1)
    mov rcx, 10              ; counter 1,000,000,000 to 1

    mov rbx,1000000000

    cmp rax, rbx            ; test rax - rbx
    jc loop2                ; if rbx > rax
    sub rax,rbx             ; decrease initial value
    inc byte[occurs]        ; count times value fits
    jmp loop1

    cmp byte[occurs], 1      ; if zero
    jb .nooccurs             ; remains null character
    add byte[occurs], 48     ; make it an ascii character
    mov dl, [occurs]         ; mov wont take it
    mov byte[ascii+rcx], dl  ; valid ascii number

    push rax                    ;   save rax - make room for rbx
    push rbx                ;   rbx
    pop rax                 ;   now in rax
    div dword[divisor]      ;   rax now a tenth of previous value
    push rax                  ;   save
    pop rbx                   ;   now in rbx
    pop rax                     ;   restore rax
    inc rcx                 ;   next divisor
    cmp rcx, 10
    jae print               
    jmp loop1

; some code here

    mov rax, 60             ; sys_exit
    xor rdi, rdi            ; 0
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I don't see any code in your question that would print anything. Are you saying that you get a segmentation fault when you run it? – Michael Jun 12 '14 at 12:49

I've got an "Arithmetic exception". This is caused by a lack of XOR EDX, EDX before the DIV instruction. DIV divides in this case EDX:EAX by [divisor], so you must handle EDX.

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