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Okay, I know how to do it in C#.

It is simple as

and Convert.FromBase64String(string) to get byte[] back.

How can I do this in Java?

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If all you're looking for is base64 encoding try using commons codec.

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Thanks for the hint. I found that Restlet util package contains Base64 encode/decode methods. And that suits my needs, since I use restlets. – Sorantis Mar 10 '10 at 16:36
I don't have enough to vote this down yet, but please don't just paste links. Paste examples. The apache sites are notoriously sprawling. We come to Stack for examples, not links. That's what Google is for. – fivedogit Jan 6 '13 at 22:45
@schtinky No, you come to SO for answers (which is what he gave) where answers + examples are even better! – Jeach Mar 4 '14 at 15:55
@Jeach. That's why I said "don't JUST paste links". – fivedogit Mar 10 '14 at 12:15
@Jeach the link in the answer though is even more vague than most (in that you have to click a few more times to get to a reasonable page), so in this case the link isn't really close enough to an answer to forget about an example. – mjohnsonengr Mar 18 '14 at 15:42


byte[] data = new Base64().decode(base64str);

you would need to reference commons codec from your project in order for that code to work.

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The methods for encode / decode of class Base64 are static so you don't need to create a new object. Then: byte [] data = Base64.decode(base64str); is enough. – Ernesto Campohermoso Nov 8 '13 at 15:25

Base64 public domain encoder/decoder (which (contrary to sun.misc class, works on all VMs)

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Java 8

Encode or decode byte arrays:

byte[] encoded = Base64.getEncoder().encode("Hello".getBytes());
println(new String(encoded));   // Outputs "SGVsbG8="

byte[] decoded = Base64.getDecoder().decode(encoded);
println(new String(decoded))    // Outputs "Hello"

Or if you just want the strings:

String encoded = Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString("Hello".getBytes());
println(encoded);   // Outputs "SGVsbG8="

String decoded = new String(Base64.getDecoder().decode(encoded.getBytes()));
println(decoded)    // Outputs "Hello"

For more info, see Base64.

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