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I have a project which has a dependency on a bower module. Both the project and the bower module are a bare repository located on a network share, accessible by multiple computers.

\SHARED_FOLDER\git\project \SHARED_FOLDER\git\my_bowermodule

Next to that, I have setup a private bower repository where I have registered the bower module where the link to the git repository is the link: '\SHARED_FOLDER\git\my_bowermodule'.

From here I am able to install the module in the project doing a 'bower install my_module'. The problem is that it copies the bare repository folder located at the '\SHARED_FOLDER\git\my_bowermodule', rather than treating it as an actual git repository. I have not chosen this setup myself, but have to deal with the shared network repositories. So unfortunately it is not possible to use a more preferable protocol (ssh for example) at the moment just yet.

Does anyone has a way to get this to work?

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