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I just got a question concerning the Microsofts PresentationFramework´s DataGrid:

I have an ObservableCollection<TestModel>. TestModel is a simple class with 20 Int properties... nothing more. In my test there are 50 Entries in my ObservableCollection. So overall I got 1000 cells (20*50). All of these cells are displayed at once, so there really is no virtualization possible.

This is my Grid:

        <DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="true" RowHeight="20" ItemsSource="{Binding DataGridModelSource}"/>

In my opinion 1000 cells to render is not very much... though it takes, depending on the system I am running this test on, about 1 to 3 seconds to render these 1000 cells. That´s quite a lot, isn't it?

I did the same test with some custom datagrids like the one from C1, Infragistics, mindscape or DX and the time to render these 1000 cells is reduced to about 100ms with all of these Grids.

So what is the point with the microsoft datagrid? Is there some way to improve the performance? Am I missing something?

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are you sure that 1-3 sec is rendering time, and not data loading time ? sure it is a lot, do you have converters, calcualtions? –  ArsenMkrt Jun 12 at 15:11
yes, i am measuring the data loading time.. thats about 50 ms. I dont have any converters or calculation. Thats just random int values, thrown in textblock columns. –  Robert Nagel Jun 12 at 15:15
DataGrid is "heavy" but 1-3 seconds does seem high. Do you need edit? ListView / GridView is much faster. –  Blam Jun 12 at 16:12
Well yea, unfortunately I need grouping,sorting and editing. –  Robert Nagel Jun 12 at 16:27
Why do you think virtualization isn't necessary? –  Gayot Fow Jun 12 at 18:06

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