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Does the Fortran 95 standard allow two subroutines (or functions) to have the same name if the argument lists have different lengths? For example,

subroutine a(i)
! code here
end subroutine a

subroutine a(j,k)
! code here
end subroutine a
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In addition to reading Alexander Vogt's reply about INTERFACE, you should be aware that a subroutine can be called with a varying number of arguments if some of the arguments are declared OPTIONAL. –  Fortranner Jun 12 at 16:18
@Fortranner: Indeed. You can find an example of that in the answer of the linked post as well ;-) –  Alexander Vogt Jun 12 at 16:22

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Not literally as given in the question, but by using an interface:

module a_wrapper

  interface a
    module procedure a_1
    module procedure a_2
  end interface

  subroutine a_1(i)
  ! code here
  end subroutine a

  subroutine a_2(j,k)
  ! code here
  end subroutine a
end module

program test
  use a_wrapper, only: a

  call a(.....)
end program

See also my answer to this post: Passing different set of variables in a FORTRAN subroutine or M.S.B.'s answer on this post: how to write wrapper for 'allocate'

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Another example: stackoverflow.com/questions/2257248/… –  M. S. B. Jun 12 at 17:11

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