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I would like create a web service in ASP.Net 2.0 that will supports JSON. Is there a way to do this without WCF and .Net 3.5? Can anyone point me to a good article or sample code?


I need direction on what is the best method, using the .Net 2.0 framework, to communicate JSON objects to a client. Is it possible to do this without serializing the object to a string and then deserializing on the client?

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You can't do it with standard 2.0 without serialization.

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use JayRock!

JayRock will work with .net 2.0


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WCF is great, but requires .net 3.5.

Check out this article on MSDN that describes quite a bit about JSON and asp.net from an introductory level.


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You can utilize WCF for your website, The WCF JSON endpoint can even generate javascript client proxy for the service.

Check out this post


A download sample can be found


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Thanks - I would to do this without WCF. –  David Robbins Oct 28 '08 at 1:01

I found this API for LINQ to JSON very helpful and easy.

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Thanks - I use JSON.Net currently. What I am looking for is the ability for a web written in .Net 2.0 to return JSON objects. In other words, I don't want to serialize objects and transmit the serialized string. –  David Robbins Oct 28 '08 at 22:58
Isn't JSON serialized by its nature? Javascript Serialized Object Notation(?) –  kenny Oct 30 '08 at 11:06

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